Does technology improve or control our lives?

The future of technology is closely linked with the future of our society. Consequently, we are constantly experimenting with new ways of using technology in our daily lives. From television remote control to mobile phones, schools to banks, social media to fitness trackers, we are becoming increasingly reliant on technology. We going through a technological revolution and changing as a society. The thriving of technology has changed the way we live. It has also affected our lifestyles in some ways. Why is this happening? And is innovation for the sake of innovation about to make a comeback? Let’s know how technology affects our lives.

Technology has become an Integral Part of Our Everyday Life!

Technology is no longer something that we use occasionally. We have become so used to using technology that it has become an integral part of our everyday lives. It has changed the way we communicate, learn, work and play. It is embedded in the fabric of society. Technology would not have been as effective if it wasn’t for how we live today and what technology has done so far to make life easier, more convenient, and fun!

We have become so used to technological innovation that we hardly think about it anymore. Our lives are filled with technology. We don’t think twice before getting any of the latest gadgets into the market. It is a part of our daily lives now!

Some people may say that technology has changed their life for the worse. But have you ever thought about why technology is being used in some ways and not others? The answer to this question would be that technology has been made to benefit human beings. It was never meant to harm us or make our lives difficult!

Is technology Improving or Controlling our Lives?

For a long time, we have been the victims of technology. We used to think that technological innovation brought progress and prosperity, but it was only meant for our benefit. However, as days go by, this assumption is becoming less accurate because there are many ways scientific discoveries make us suffer or bring more harm to our lives.

For example, Virtual reality technology is used in the military and intelligence agencies to keep people under surveillance. It is being used in the FBI and CIA spyware operations. However, this technology has also been incorporated into gaming consoles for entertainment purposes. But, intelligence officials can also misuse it to develop realistic virtual threats such as terrorist cells or espionage networks that can be used for surveillance. The technology has also been made more advanced by the military to train soldiers in various fighting techniques, and it is being utilized as a training aid for shooting simulations.

Technology has a significant impact on our everyday life. But, is it always good for us? There are many negative impacts to technology. So, we can say that technology is both improving and controlling our lives.


Technology, without a doubt, is changing our lives in many ways. It has brought significant advancements and inventions from the past to how we live today, but it has also brought many negative impacts and problems to our lives. Many people are worried about technology affecting their lives, but it can be used in many ways for both good and bad!